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Generalised descriptions of the carved handicrafts are seen below. There are four main categories under which we have hundreds of assorted varieties, which are distinguished by COLOUR, SIZE, DESIGN, AND PATTERN.

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Our carved products are made using the best wood and are very durable. All products are handmade available in hundreds of varieties to meet your taste. No pieces are the same, each has a unique shape and size, which has been designed in by the carver's using his imagination. Each handicraft is either depicting cultural or wildlife theme and has existence in Africa. They are available in natural colours or dyed black or brown. These carved products are ideal for antique collection, retail selling, gift giving, showcasing, zoo, museums etc. They are appreciated for their unique designs around the globe.

African art - wood carvings - tribal and wildlife art


Made from stone, which is soft and smooth. Available in natural white or pink colour, the stone can even be painted and etched to depict various themes, such as wildlife or culture lifestyles and each has a unique design. It is an eye catching figure mostly kept at home, work place, ideal for gifts, cultural interests, museums, antique stores etc. Wide range of soapstone handicrafts are available with different sizes, shapes, colours, designs etc. Very delicate piece of art with worldwide recognition and demand. African art - soapstone carvings - tribal and wildlife art


Made with raffia which have exotic, extinct & intricate designs, which gives each basket a natural and unique work of its own. Basketry has been in Africa for years in rural areas. Basket making takes a lot of time with hours of tedious work. Patience is needed to create well designed products, which last for years. Work is done mostly by mothers whose skills are handed down to their daughters. Ideal for showcasing, African products collector, retail sellers, gifts for relatives or friends, shopping etc. African art - african baskets


Made from local clay, which is obtained from several extinct and inhabitant places. Attractive Terra - Cotta Pottery is available in wide and assorted varieties. The pots are heated in natural kilns of firewood. Pottery making takes hours of hard work. They are mainly distinguished by its size, shape, and patterns. Mostly used showcasing, gifts can be kept at home or even work to keep dried flowers as a showpiece. Customer's designs are welcome. african art - terra cotta pottery





Your complete satisfaction is most important to us. Our quality assurance is that all handicrafts are thoroughly checked before shipment to you. All orders can be shipped to the destination of your choice.

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